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World Class is the leading provider of a wide range of fitness activities designed to meet your every requirement. Regardless of whether you are an advanced or beginning user of fitness, our experienced and knowledgeable team can create a program that specifically caters to your needs.

For exercise, we offer you an extensive variety of easy-to-use cardiovascular and weight-training equipment from the world’s leading brand Nautilus. In addition, World Class gives you access to a wide range of individual and group exercise classes every week - all taught by the country’s top instructors.

If your goal is to lose weight, come and try aerobics, spinning or dance; shape and tone with Lift-It, boxing and Core training; and experience the mentally calming effects of Yoga and Pilates. For our most busy members we present the Express Classes, which are unique to World Class. Designed for a short, simple and effective workout, these 30-minute classes are suitable for members of all exercise ability.

And even though exercise is our core business, it is surrounded by a number of supplementary services to enhance your well-being. Unwind after a hard workout in any of our saunas or jacuzzi, chase away those winter blues with some time in the solarium or loosen those tight muscles with a discounted massage. Of course, that’s just the beginning…

Group Training
Group Exercise Training
Are you looking for a fun and engaging way of getting and staying in shape? Try our group exercise classes! Motivating instructors and energetic music combined for traiing that shapes and strengthens your body. Choose your favourite class from a variety of styles and intensities; from 30 minutes Express-classes to longer 75-minutes cycling classes. Please see our group exercise schedule for more information.

Express Classes
Express classes is unique World Class concept for everyone who wants to have simple, short and effective workout in just 30 minutes. When combining classes you can get both cardiovascular and strength training in just one hour.

We offer a large selection of Express classes, for example: aerobicsexpress®, bodyexpress®, boxexpress®, coreexpress® and spinningexpress®.

effect Effect Classes
As an innovating fitness company, World Class has evolved the basic concept of short and effective Express training. We have now launched Effect as well. Effect classes are dance inspired workout classes with choreography, still very effective and still only 30 minutes long. The classes are fun, effective and easy to find the time for.

Strength and Flexibility

The Yin & Yan sign symbolizes balance between hard and soft, light and darkness. Therefore, these are the classes that will exercise both your body and mind!  You can choose between classes that will increase your strength or improve your posture and classes with a more softer and low pace approach that will help you increase your flexibility and teaches you to relax- perfect if your daily life is filled with stress and hard work!


Pulse and Endurance

These classes are for those who want to kick start the heart and get a better condition. The classes’ simple choreography means that you don’t need good co-ordination skills to keep up with the instructor. The classes will give you an effective conditioning workout and we’ll guarantee that it will make you sweat! You can chose between cycling classes, martial arts inspired classes and simple aerobic and step up classes.


Dance and Co-ordination

In these classes you can improve your co-ordination and at the same time get a great workout! There are several classes to chose from- ranging from medium advanced classes to more advanced choreography. All classes are based on block combinations and several of the classes are inspired by different dance styles such as salsa, hip hop, step, funk and jazz dance.

Weight and cardio Area

To make your training as fun, safe and efficient as possible, we have provided easy-to-use cardio and weight equipment from the top provider Nautilus. For improving or to shed a few kilos you can choose between bicycles, treadmills, stair-climbers and cross-trainers. For body shaping and strengthening a varied weight-training is ideal. Our range of machines, plus free weights, give you endless workout possibilities.


Personal training

Sign up with one of our personal trainers and they will help you get the most out of your training. Based on your personal goals and circumstances the personal trainer will provide you with a tailor-made program and by on-going evaluation make sure that you will get the results that you are looking for.

Spa treatment

SPA area
Take the time to relax and unwind in the luxury of our pool and jacuzzi. Come and immerse yourself in any of our saunas and sit in any of our many relaxation areas and chat with friends.



When your skin shows signs of fatigue and your body feels drained, our exclusive treatments can provide the remedy. Enjoy the pleasure of professional care with a revitalizing facial treatment, forget about stress and treat yourself to a body wrap.

Treatments are provided by Maï - Spa Experience.

With today’s busy lifestyle, when many suffers from aching backs, necks and shoulders, relaxation and stress release is essential for wellbeing. We have experienced massage therapists who can offer you sports, relaxation, Swedish and therapeutic massage that all relieves tension, loosens tight muscles and makes you feel good inside and out.

World Class Health Academy cooperates with Comfort Zone.

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express classes - short, easy and effective!

Sometimes it's hard to find the time to work-out. You have a busy life and a lot of things to do, and your well-being tends to get second place a lot. You should try our unique Express classes.

The Express classes are only 30 minutes long - perfect for the lunch break or on your way home from work.

They are also simplified, making them easy to follow even if you have little experience in group training beforehand.

They give results. Express is an effective way to work-out and you will see results before you know it.