When to eat carbohydrates

"When to eat carbohydrates"

In the morning, you need to give the body fuel for the rest of day. Try to eat most of your carbohydrates for breakfast and after training. It is a good time to give the body complex and simple carbohydrates. A bowl of oatmeal and a piece of fruit will put you right on target.

Go a little bit easier on the carbs for lunch. My recommendation is a big tuna/chicken salad instead of pasta or rice. Your blood sugar will be more stable. Rice, pasta or bread for lunch has the tendency to make you feel tired and sluggish at this hour of the day. Eat a piece of fruit one hour before your workout.

After the workout, a carb drink is perfect to restore your energy. You need to replace the body's energy reserves to prevent it from breaking down muscles.

In the evening, a medium-sized portion of rice or pasta will do the trick. Remember to also include some meat, chicken or fish.

Munch away!

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Lucas Kohlberg, Personal Trainer, World Class Health Academy

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