Top ten post-workout snacks

During weight training, you use muscle glycogen stores to fuel the workout. Those stores must be replenished for optimal muscle recovery as well as muscle growth and repair, so you will need carbohydrates as well as protein. Foods with both that are also low in fat are the best for you.

Contrary to common belief, athletes don't need much more protein than the average person, and most Americans eat more than enough. However, many women, in their quest to keep calories low, don't get as much as they should, so as a female athlete, you will need to be sure to strike a good balance of protein and carbs.

Remember, however, that too much protein can lead to dehydration because your kidneys need more water to eliminate the extra nitrogen load.

Since protein takes longer to digest than carbohydrates, recovery will be delayed.
Here are ten great post-workout snacks:

1) low-fat milk (not only does it have protein and carbohydrates, it also has lots of water, which will help replace fluids lost from sweating);

2) yogurt;

3) a bagel with turkey breast slices (add desired veggies and mustard);

4) tuna salad (made with non-fat mayo) on whole-wheat bread;

5) a banana shake made with banana, orange juice and vanilla yogurt;

6) a sports drink and a cup of non-fat cottage cheese;

7) juice and a handful of dry-roasted soy nuts;

8) low-fat or non-fat cheese and crackers;

9) vegetable bean soup and a roll;

10) Dried fruit and low-fat cheese.

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