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First out to answer your questions is Lucas Kohlberg, Personal Trainer at World Class Health Academy in Brussels. As our Personal Training Co-ordinator in Brussels, Lucas daily helps his clients and members with health assessments, workout programs and nutrition advice. Welcome to email him your question!

QST: How many weight sessions should I do per week?
(John Duke, member World Class Health Academy Prague)

P.T: If you are just starting up with weight training, I recommend two total body sessions/week. After 3-4 months you can increase up to three sessions/week and split the muscles in three sessions.

QST: How many sets should I do on each exercise?
(Bryan Simmons, member World Class Health Academy Brussels)

P.T: I recommend three sets per exercise including a warm-up set, consisting of:
1st set warm-up = 20 repetitions
2nd set warm-up = 15 repetitions
3rd set warm-up = 10-12 repetitions
Advanced athletes can add a 4th set to 7-9 repetitions.

QST: How would you structure a weight program for a beginner?
(Richard Jonsson, member at World Class Gothenburg, Sweden)

P.T: The most important thing is to train all muscles so you create a good balance and harmony between the muscles. Later on it is your choice what muscle you like to improve more upon, but always do some exercise for the other muscles as well. Here is a suggested beginner workout program :

Warm-up 10-15 minutes
Seated chest press 1 set warm-up, 1 set x15 repetitions, 1 set x10-12 rep
Seated rowing 1 set warm-up, 1 set x 15 rep, 1 set x 10-12 rep
Side raises 3 set x 15 rep
Cable biceps curl 3set x 12 rep
Triceps pushdown 3 set x 15 rep
Leg extension 1 set x 20 rep, 2 set x 15 rep
Seated leg curl 1 set x 20 rep, 2 set x 15 rep
Crunches 3 set x 20 rep
Rest 45 sec-1 min between sets. Always use strict form and motion.

I recommend that you consult your local Personal Trainer who will help you set up a personal program based on your personal level and goals. Good luck with your workouts!

QST: After my lunch at work, I never have time to eat anything until my workout in the evening at 18:00. What easy snack can you recommend me to eat before my aerobic class, to keep me going and to get the most out of my session without burning the wrong fuel ?
(Adela Nedelcu, member at World Class Health Academy Bucharest)

P.T: Yes, it is sometimes hard for all of us to manage to eat regularly and to bring snacks along. Here are some tips of light snacks that are great before your workout. Try to eat an hour before your workout, so bring it with you to work. Choose one of these:

1 cup of yoghurt with raisins
or 1-2 fruits
or Rice cakes with ham or cheese on top
or Mixed nuts (hand full)
or Energy bar

Lucas Kohlberg

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