Christmas intensity training

Now when Christmas is knocking on the door and you just don't understand how you will have time for all Christmas shopping, for the end-of-the-year budget work or your 2 hour visit to the gym - rest assure. We have the fitness solution. Intensity!

When you are strength training, bring up the intensity by doing 5-6 exercises in a row, without any rest. Then rest 2-3 minutes before you repeat the circuit again. Start by doing it 3 times
and then gradually build up to 5 times.

The benefits from doing this are that you shape the muscle. You work up the endurance and loose fat. Best part? You do it all in 30 minutes!

After this super session, you are ready to meet the outside world. Enjoy the Christmas!

Ariel Bjrfell, Personal Trainer at World Class

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