At World Class, we believe that exercise should result in more than just beautiful shapes. Your body is your temple, and it needs to be tended to in the best manner possible. It is the finest and most valuable instrument ever created – but it also has to harmonize with the inner you. We believe in exercise that shapes and strengthens both body and soul.

Do you want to strenghten your body and soul?
Call us on 02 503 15 57, send an e-mail to or simply stop by for a visit on Clos du Parnasse 10B, 1050 Brussels (a few hundred metres from Place du Luxembourg). Welcome!

About the club

Welcome to World Class Fitness Center in Brussels.

To give you the greatest possible health and fitness experience World Class Fitness Center has devoted 2000 m2 to bright and modern facilities. In a warm and friendly atmosphere we offer a wide range of programs, services and equipment providing a total solution for your individual health and fitness needs.

As a member of World Class Fitness Center you have exclusive access to the highest level of knowledge and innovation within the fitness area. Our international staff have considerable fitness expertise and will guide you through an array of aerobic and gymnasium workouts.

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