New information about Crowne Plaza and World Class

Dear World Class Member,

As you are already aware of, a strategic decision has been taken to hand over the operation of Crowne Plaza to another owner than World Class. The fitness centre will no longer be part of the World Class network.

The first date for handing over the club to the new owners, communicated to you from us, were 31st of March. This date has now, once again, been moved forward until the 31st of August. This means that World Class will continue operate the fitness club until this date.


Due to the circumstances we have put together a special offer of short term memberships, should you wish to continue working out during the summer.


Expired memberships can be renewed as follows:


1 month – EUR 55

2 months – EUR 100

3 months – EUR 135

4 months – EUR 160


Naturally, the memberships will be removed accordingly and in relation to the remaining period of operation.


For you who still have a valid membership the following two options are offered:



OPTION 1: Transfer your existing membership to World Class Berchem. We will then add on – without cost – extra time to your membership, corresponding to a twice as long period as you currently have left on your existing membership period. For example, if you have 2 months left today, we will add on another 2 months; in total 4 months left. You need to inform us about your wish to transfer before 1st of May 2008.


OPTION 2: Continue with your existing membership at Crowne Plaza as long as World Class is operating the club, i.e. 31st of August. Then transfer your membership to World Class Berchem, starting from 1st of September, and get extra time added to your remaining membership period, corresponding to twice as long period as you have left from the 1st of September.


We fully understand that this new and again rushed information may cause questions, so please feel free to get in touch with us directly with any queries you may have.


With wishes of a continued sporty season, I remain,


Yours sincerely,


Dirk Keisers
Operations Manager

World Class Crowne Plaza & World Class Berchem


Contact me by e-mail: or phone: 0499 93 00 34

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