Dear World Class Member,

We hope that you are enjoying the spring which has finally arrived!

As you are already aware of, the operation of World Class in Crowne Plaza is shortly to be handed over to another owner, and the fitness centre will no longer be part of the World Class network. With this information we would like to communicate the most recent and final decision, which has been agreed between World Class and Crowne Plaza.

Due to the many changes and unclear directives communicated in the past, which understandably may have caused questions and misunderstandings, we would like to ensure you that this final date is confirmed by both parties and will not be changed.


The final date of handing over the operation of the club is now agreed to the 30th of June 2008. This means that World Class will continue operate the fitness club until this date.

What happens with your existing membership?
For you who still have a valid membership we are offering the possibility to transfer your existing membership to World Class Berchem. At the same time, we will add on extra time to your memberships corresponding to a twice as long period as you currently have left on your existing membership period (as from 1st of July 2008).


For example, if you have 2 months left today, we will add on another 2 months; in total 4 months left. To benefit from this exclusive solution, you need to inform us about your wish to transfer before 30th of June 2008.


Should you not contact us before this date; your membership will be automatically transferred to World Class Berchem as from 1st of July 2008. No extra time will be added.


We kindly ask you to communicate your wish of transfer your membership, as well as any further questions or comments, via e-mail solely to Operations Manager Dirk Keisers, on  


With wishes of a continued sunny spring, I remain,


Yours sincerely,

Dirk Keisers
Operations Manager
World Class Crowne Plaza & World Class Berchem  

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