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International fitness provider World Class is introducing already second World Class Convention. There will be presented new concepts of group training such as JazzEffect, FunkEffect, Get in Shape and Schwinn Cycling.

First Class Convention took place 17th September 2005 at Prague. Completely new hit Punk Rock was performed by Mia Eriksson, World Class manager in Sweden. Charlotte Andersson had a wonderful Dance Aerobics as always. Next classes were held by exclusive World Class instructors: David Stránský, Petra Weigeltová, Jan Vlasák - CardioExpress, CoreExpress, BodyExpress. There was also workshops for instructors with Petra Weigeltová
and Pilates class with Chech elite educator and owner of Pilates Academy: Renata Sabongui.

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World Class and private health care provider Medicover, launches a new partnership in order to increase its range of services.

Medicover is a private health care company that is providing complex ambulant health care, and is a part of the Swedish owned Medicover international health group, with operations in Poland , Estonia , Romania and Hungary (www.medicover.cz) .

Through the cooperation, both companies are able to take a holistic approach in regards to our client’s health goals, being able to provide state-of-the-art health care, rehabilitation and post rehabilitation services. The partnership is a natural step for World Class in developing our services. It is filling the current gap between the services given by health care providers and the much needed post rehabilitation services that a professional fitness center can provide. The client is usually left to his or her own devices to find a knowledgeable fitness center that can assist them on the path to sustainable recovery.

Through this cooperation the client will meet a representative from World Class, who will together with the client and the medical professional will go through the rehabilitation plan and secure that the client will reach his or her health goals. Together both companies become a one-stop-shop.


Nike Rockstar Workout Hip Hop. New dance class created by famous choregorapher Jamie King! Let´s learn new steps and moves and dance like Madonna, Shakira, Jenifer Lopez or other stars Jamie cooperates with...you can find it in all three centers:

Chodov - Monday 18:00 Michaela Bartova
Wenceslas Square - Monday 20:05 Petra Weigeltova, Wednesday 18,55 Eva Kupkova
Marriott - Saturday 10,40 Lenka Bruthansova


World Class introduces the Schwinn Cycling Concept in all its centers. Schwinn cycling is a diversifed and efficient group training concept, with each class specially custom- made to reach a specific goal. It will help you to achieve your training goal faster by monitoring your heart rate. Schwinn Cycling Concept consists of five main types of classes:

  • Low endurance – 65%-75% of your maximum heart rate, targeted on fat burning.
  • High endurance – 75%-85%, focus on cardiovascular development.
  • Hill – 75%-85%, cardiovascular development and muscular training.
  • Extensive interval – 65%-85%, increasing anaerobic treshold and increasing VO 2max.
  • Body and Mind – 50-65%, for an active and faster recovery, a great morning workout!


Curious to find out more about Schwinn Cycling? Ask our instructors or e-mail your questions to cycling@worldclass.cz . You can also sign up for a cycling newsletter here.


World Class představuje nový Schwinn Cycling Concept. Tento jedinečný koncept skupinového cvičení má rozvrstvené hodiny a pomůže Vám dosáhnout cvičebních cílů rychleji prostřednictvím monitoringu Vaší tepové frekvence a efektivního tréninku. Schwinn Cycling Concept se skládá z pěti hlavních typů hodin:

  • Low endurance – 65%-75% of your maximum heart rate, zaměřen na spalovánĂ­ tuku
  • High endurance – 75%-85%, zlepšenĂ­ kardiovaskulárnĂ­ho systĂ©mu
  • Hill – 75%-85%, práce na kardiovaskulárnĂ­m rozvoji a svalovĂ© vytrvalosti
  • Extensive interval – 65%-85%, zvyšuje se anaerobnĂ­ práh a maximálnĂ­ kapacita plic
  • Body and Mind – 50-65% pro aktivnĂ­ a rychlĂ© zotavenĂ­, skvÄ›lĂ˝ rannĂ­ trĂ©ning

Motto: BE STRONG! – Buďte silní!

Chcete vědět více o Schwinn Cycling konceptu? Zeptejte se našich instruktorů nebo napište na cycling@worldclass.cz. , kde se můžete zapsat pro zasílání Cycling Newsletteru.


World Class is introducing a brand new dance aerobic concept- World Class Goes Around the World. The aerobic classes will be inspired by various parts, cultures or people around the world. First up is World Class Goes Middle East, a 45-minutes class consisting of dancing, active stretching and relaxation- all to Middle Eastern inspired music. Make sure to bring a scarf to the class, it is part of the choreography! For more information take a look at the schedule or e-mail aerobics@worldclass.cz.

World Class Instructor Ria Hrušovská chosen as Master Schwinn Instructor

World Class proudly informs that the World Class exclusive instructor and personal trainer, Ria Hrušovská, has been chosen to be one of only 30 world wide Master Schwinn Cycling Instructors. Ria is therefore the only one in the Czech Republic who can educate Schwinn Cycling Instructors. World Class congratulates!


Over 200 persons participated in the World Class convention. They enjoyed the class with Charlotte Andersson, cycling with our team, trying out coreexpress and cardioexpress with Honza Vlasak and David Stransky, viewed a great show with JAD dance company and much more.

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AUGUST 6th, 2005

One extra class added into our program!!! Unique oppportunity to see Nike Rockstar Show at 12:45.

18:00 - Nike Rockstar - lesson with Yemi A.D.

JUly 28th, 2005

The Best from the Best!
Don't miss the worlds best form of group training exercise, presented at the first World Class Convention!

The Convention will take place the 17th of September, in SportovnĂ­ centrum UK, Praha 10 Hostivar.

Please click on the image to the right to recieve more information and schedule. [pdf]

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JUNE 25th, 2005

If you want to be informed about all news, happenings and things around cycling, please write on cycling@worldclass.cz. You can register there and receive newsletter from our best instructors of cycling.

News in czech.

Summer seasons at World Class!
June 20th, 2005

Summer is finally here and we are changing to our summer schedule.
Visit Summer Schedule to see our summer classes!

See you in the club!

World Class introduces new educational program
MAY 26st, 2005

The international fitness provider World Class is introducing a brand new educational program in the Czech Republic. The educational program will consist of both educations and conventions, the first convention taking place in September, 17th 2005. Through this new program World Class will introduce new concepts as the Punk Rock workout and invite the best instructors and educators in Europe.

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Pressrelease in czech

Welcome to our new web site
March 31st, 2005

Our new web site is now online. Here you can find information about the club, read the latest news, learn more about our services, see the current group training schedules and find out a a little bit more about the people you meet in your club.

We hope that you will find our new site useful and that we will see you soon in the club.

Celebrate the 2 year anniversary of World Class Fitness Center in Wenceslas Sq April 9
april 3rd 2005

Join World Class in its celebration of the 2-year anniversary of it Fitness Center in Wenceslas Square. All World Class members are invited to join the special classes with out best instructors. Your friends can join in for only 100 CZK. There will be refreshments, a Dance Show from the World Class Nike Dance Team and a Martial Arts Show by David Stránský and Honza Vlasák.

Scared of making a commitment?
April 1st 2005

Take the opportunity to try out a World Class center for one month at a very special trial price. When you decide to sign up for a full year the first month is for free! For more information on how you can take advantage of this offer please call 221 033 033 or e-mail wcha@worldclass.cz.

Nike Dance Masterclass
Februari 20TH 2005

As one of Nike’s selected fitness centers World Class introduces the Nike Dance Masterclass on the schedule. The dance class is created by the world famous MTV choreographer Jamie King and his dancers. Inspired by salsa, funk and African dance, everyone can participate.

World Class is introducing a brand new 12-week training program specially designed for golf players
Februari 18th 2005

Through participation in this program you will learn how a combination of the right food and drink together with proper cardio and strength training, will improve your performance as a golf player. The program will help you to improve your endurance, increase your strength, enhance your ability to focus and stay focus during the last holes, improve your flexibility and sharpen your coordination. For more information regarding World Class Golf Fitness Program please e-mail us at info@worldclass.cz or call 221 033 033 and ask for Vladimir.

World Class launches the Nutrition Guidance Program
Februari 10th 2005

Healthy eating and regular exercise is quite a challenge in today’s busy world. World Class’s Nutrition Guidance Program is design to meet the need of more knowledge when it comes to proper nutrition in order to avoid health problems or weight gain. Based on age, sex, body composition and calorie expenditure a tailor made program is created guiding what and when to eat. For more information regarding the program please e-mail us at info@worldclass.cz.

World Class cooperates with Cosmopolitan
Januari 20th 2005

For 12 weeks, 8 “Cosmogirls” are participating in World Class’s fat burning program. The objective of the program is, in addition to lose weight, to motivate the participants to adopt and stick to an active and healthier lifestyle. To check out how it went please log on to cosmopolitan.cz or buy the April and May issue of the magazine. For more information regarding World Class Fat burning program please e-mail us at info@worldclass.cz.

World Class is introducing Express Classes
Januari 18th 2005

The ExpressClasses are a brand new way of training for all our members who want to have a short, simple and effective workout. All classes are 30 minutes long and are perfect for both beginners and advanced users. For more information regarding our Express Classes please look under Services on the web site or contact aerobics@worldclass.cz.