Why Corporate Fitness?

The majority of companies who are serious about success understand that their greatest assets are human minds, and that the healthier the body, the more productive those minds can be. In our increasingly fast-paced and hectic world, it has become apparent that a pro-active corporate health and fitness policy is a necessary element for companies seeking to create and foster efficient, favorable working conditions that, in turn, positively affect their bottom line.

Employees who exercise on a regular basis are healthier, happier, and more resistant to sickness and the negative effects of stress. They also display elevated levels of alertness and energy, ensuring a more sharply focused approach to the working day. Often, these traits are what make the difference between mediocrity and excellence.

Effective corporate fitness policy is about providing employees with the opportunity to take responsibility for their own health and fitness. Through on-going education, a supportive environment, and encouragement, companies can empower their staff to take advantage of the benefits that exercise and proper nutrition provide. After all, your employees are your greatest investment – it makes sense to maintain them.

In short, a corporate fitness program gives you benefits in form of:
• lower absentee levels, substitution costs and long-term illness
• reduced level of work related problems with aching back/neck/shoulders
• reduced level of stress related absenteeism, tiredness and burn-out
• higher work moral, energy, and productivity
• it constitutes a recruitment incentive
•  and, corporate wellness program sends a very important ”we care” message.

Why World Class?

• Experience-  founded in 1983 and with 100s of companies as corporate members, World Class has exensive experince forming corporate program for all industries.

• Systems- World Class has developed and implemented systems to track and support attendance and improve retention.

• Knowledge- no results without knowledge how to get there. We act as knowledge providers teaching both individuals and corporations how to get fitness results.

• Innovation- we constantly invent new ways of making exercise more enjoyable and effective thus ensuring results.

• Broad range of services- in our center everybody can find something they enjoy, from beginners to experienced members.

World Class Corporate Services

World Class is the leading provider of a wide range of fitness activities designed to meet your every requirement.  Regardless of whether your employees are advanced or beginning users of fitness, our experienced and knowledgeable team can create a program that specifically caters to your needs.  

For exercise, we offer you an extensive variety of easy-to-use cardiovascular and weight-training equipment from the world’s leading brands Nautilus.  In addition, World Class gives you access to a wide range of individual and group exercise classes per week -- all taught by the country’s top instructors.

If your goal is to lose weight, come and try aerobics, spinning or dance; shape and tone with Lift-It, boxing and Core training; and experience the mentally calming effects of Yoga and Pilates.  For our most busy members we present the Express Classes, which are unique to World Class.  Designed for a short, simple and effective workout, these 30-minute classes are suitable for members of all exercise ability.

And even though exercise is our core business, it is surrounded by a number of supplementary services to enhance your well-being. 

In addition to our normal services we can also offer the following for our corporate members:

• Nutritional Guidance Programs & Weight Management Courses
• Personal Training sessions for individuals or groups of up to 10
• Back-Strengthening Programs
• Fitness Training for golf players
• Preventative Health Plans
• Motivational Programs
• Introductory company Kick-Off events
• Seminars

Membership Options

As with all aspects of your business, having the ability to choose from a range of choices allows for flexible, targeted and effective decision-making. Whether your company is large or small, we can provide the membership option that is right for you:

Personal membership – a personal membership gives the cardholder unlimited access to the fitness center and includes a range of members’ benefits, such as: free Guest Passes for friends, family or colleagues, personal training sessions and discounts on World Class services like massage, solarium, personal training, and more.

Personal membership (through monthly invoicing) – the same benefits as the personal membership. This option allows the company to be invoiced monthly rather than paying the full membership amount all at once, and is based on an agreed period of 12 months. If at any time a new employee wishes to join the fitness center, a membership valid for the remaining agreement period will be issued and added to the monthly invoice. A minimum of 20 memberships is required for this option to apply.

Corporate Single Visits – allows employees go whenever they want. Each time a member of your company uses the fitness center, a visit is deducted from the corporate account.

Payment Options

World Class understands that financial details are important when making employee benefit decisions. Through our extensive work designing corporate fitness plans, we have identified five payment options that typically suit the needs of all types of organizations:

• The company pays for the employees’ membership in full. An invoice is supplied to the company for the full amount.

• The company pays for a portion of the membership through invoice. The remaining amount owed is deducted on a monthly/quarterly basis from each employee’s salary.

• The company pays for a portion of the membership through invoice. The employee pays the remaining amount in full when picking up the membership card.

• The employee pays the full amount for the membership when picking it up at World Class, and is then reimbursed by the company upon showing the receipt.

• The company does not contribute financially to the membership, but negotiates a corporate price and signs an agreement on behalf of its employees.

In order to benefit from a corporate membership plan, the application process must go through the World Class corporate department.

The World Class Network

A membership at the World Class Fitness Center will also give your employees access to all World Class fitness centers and the Health Academies around Europe. So whether there is an important business trip to Bucharest or a holiday in Stockholm, you will never have to worry about where to work out.

Corporate Prices

Before talking about price we believe it is important to meet and discuss your needs and goals. By doing this you can be sure that you will buy the right kind of membership and fitness solution. At the same time you can view the facilities, meet the team and get a feel for the club. To arrange an appointment simply call or e-mail the corporate department at dejan@worldclass.se or call 063-366 336.  

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