We would like to inform you that the renovation of the World Class Fitness Center is just a small part of a huge procect of the complete reconstruction of the Budapest Marriott Hotel.

Unfortunately now there is another obstacle appeared on the way of this large project, and since the hotel wants to have a continous operation, they had to revise their schedule of the construction. As a result of the resceduling, the renovation of our gym is also postponed at least til 2007 August.


World Class will gain a lot with the reconstruction:

1. the locker rooms will be larger
2. there will be a steam and a dry sauna between the men´s and the ladies locker room
3. there will be two group exercise rooms (one for classes and one for group cycling).
4. there will be more cardio machines: 6 treadmills, 6 elliptical trainer etc. a total 30 cardio stations,
5. there will be the full range of Nautilus strength equipment
6. the terrace will be also renovated
7. and there will be two treatment rooms for massage and facial
8. and many more.

Please ask for further details at the reception!

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