Our Past

World Class was formed in Sweden in 1983 for the purpose of combing exercise, well-being and good health. Our founder and CEO, Ulf Bengtsson, himself a former world-ranking Swedish athlete, had a specific blueprint in mind when opening the first center in Stockholm – using a modern fitness facility to create a total solution concept for health and fitness.

Ulf’s dynamic, innovative approach provided the catalyst for what is now an ever-growing and self-improving international chain of health and fitness centers.

Our Present

The World Class brand has developed into an extensive network of high-quality health clubs operating in more than 10 countries, with more than 60,000 active members worldwide.

Our Future

Currently, the World Class brand is in great demand. We will continue to remain ahead of the competition in terms of knowledge-based, cutting-edge fitness solutions, and will deliver our superior product to new and existing markets worldwide.

As more and more people seek great ways to fitness, World Class will be there to provide the solution.

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