Corporate Offer

World Class is an international company that helps people feel a little bit better in their daily life. As a company- and healthcare partner we are also a company helping other companies to feel better. We achieve this by having an organization with a goal to get our members training regularly. In addition to this we also offer modern health clubs with the best equipment, the best programs and services and, above all, an oasis which makes training a pure pleasure.

The core business of World Class is to create wellness and good health for people. Exercise does not only increase your overall performance at work or at home, it also enhances your health and well-being. When our daily life more and more involves lack of time, stress and inactivity the World Class offer becomes more and more important, not only for the single individual but also for corporations that understands that there are no contradiction in investing in their employees and earning money. On the contrary it’s a great competitive advantage - when the employee’s feels well the company is also performing well.

The World Class concept can reduce your company’s sick days, improve the atmosphere at your work and increase the motivation, concentration and productivity of your employees and best of all give you a lot more smiling faces.

Leading companies are known not only for their products and brand recognition but also for the quality of the people who manage them.
Leading companies also put employee wellness as a strategic goal with the aim to increase the energy in the office and minimize lost working days.

For more information and corporate offers please contact Mikael Fredholm, Sales & Marketing Manager World Class Fitness Romania at phone: +40 727 811 777 or by e-mail:

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