Your Benefits. The proof!

The following result is extracted from a recent survey* conducted by World Class Fitness Romania (n=667)

  • 44 % train three to four times per week and 33% train two to three times per week
  • Close to 80% come to World Class to become more fit and around 30% come to our clubs to loose weight.
  • 93% feel that their training has given them the results they desired when they joined.
  • 34% of the respondents receive parts or their entire membership fee from their employer.
  • On the question, “If you were about to change your job – how important would a fitness membership be in your negotiations”: 30% answered that it would be very important, 45% said it would be somewhat important and 25% said that it would not be important.

For the complete survey please contact Mikael Fredholm, Sales and Marketing Manager World Class Fitness Romania at

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