FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

Easy and quick - this our FAQ page will help to answer the most asked questions from our World Class members:

QST: What does a membership cost and how do I find out the best option for me?

ANSWER: World Class offers a wide variety of memberships, from short term cards to annual ones. The memberships described on our page "Membership options" are examples of what we offer, but the options may vary between our centres. To find out what is best for you, we suggest that you contact your local club and so they can help you to find the best choice for you. To search for your centre use our "Find your club".

QST: Can I bring a friend for a workout?

ANSWER: We always welcome our members friends and family to our centres. Most of our centres offer a special Day pass at a certain rate. Some centres may also offer a number of free guest passes included in your membership.
Ask your World Class centre what they can offer your friend.

QST: What is the minimum age of children if they want to have a membership?

ANSWER: Due to physical reasons and for safety, our minimum age to access the gym or aerobic and spinning classes are the custom 16 years. Some clubs may offer access to pool for a lower age or even special kids club
activities. Your local centre will inform you further.

QST: How many World Class centres do you have and where are they located?

ANSWER: We operate a total of 22 fitness centres and are growing constantly. From Stockholm, Sweden, via Malta in the Mediterranean, through Iceland in the north and then on to Prague. We are expanding every day in Europe and beyond. The easiest way for you to find out where we are and what our centres offer is to first use our "Find your club" search engine. Here you will find general information about your selected centre and directions on how to contact it.

QST: I have lost my membership card. What do I do?

ANSWER: We will of course present you with a new one. Some clubs will offer it for free and some may
ask for a minor administrative fee. Your local centre will help you out.

QST: How do I contact the web master to comment on this site?

ANSWER: You are most welcome with your comments. We want to hear from our site visitors so we know
what you think of our site. Send us an email with your comments by clicking here on "web master".