Is your company fit enough to compete?

The majority of companies who are serious about success understand that their greatest assets are human minds, and that the healthier the body, the more productive those minds can be. It is a well-known fact that a pro-active corporate health and fitness policy contributes to a company's success. Employees who exercise on a regular basis are healthier and happier. They are more energetic, alert and productive, take fewer sick days and have a zest for life, which positively influences their working day. Studies have shown that a company can get $3-$5 in return for every $1 invested in a corporate fitness program. When it comes to the bottom line, fitness pays dividends.

Considering that most of us spend the majority of the day sitting at a desk and working in front of a computer, the body's exercise requirement has to come from elsewhere. And World Class provides the solution. An effective corporate health and fitness policy is not just offering free or subsidized club membership to employees as a fringe benefit, but active encouragement to lead a healthier lifestyle including preventative health care and regular medical checkups. Your employees are your greatest investment - it makes sense to maintain them.

Through our wide range of programs and activities, we offer a total solution to meet your corporate needs. You will get the best of fitness and be able to deliver great fun at the same time! Besides offering the latest in different activities, we go a step further. With individual personal assessments, fitness tests, nutrition advice, personalized instruction programs and personal training to supervise progress, we look after your employees so that they are fighting fit and roaring to go during the entire course of their working day.

For more information on Corporate Memberships please contact your nearest local World Class center and ask for details. The returns on investment will improve your bottom line.