Give your motivation to exercise an extra boost, and at the same time get to actively know your fellow members.

Everyday, throughout our network, members of World Class are sweating it out together in classes - and loving it. The safe hands of our World Class aerobic instructors guide our members through motivational and fun sessions. From the tougher Cardio and strength classes, through to the relaxation, softer body and mind classes. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, man or woman, junior or senior, you will find the level right for you from our broad choice of programs.

Most aerobic classes contain all three major elements of training: Cardio, strength and stretching exercises. To focus more on Cardio-vascular training, join the classes such as Aerobic, Basic Aerobic, or Step and Basic Step. To target your different muscle groups, join the strength classes such as Lift-it or Body Toning. For fun and great workouts try our special classes Box aerobics, Power class or Aqua class in the pool. World Class also caters for today's growing health issues with back exercise and flexibility classes. But it is not only the body, which should be looked after. Relaxation, softer body and mind classes such as Body & Mind, yoga or tai chi help nurture your mind and your soul.


Spinning - the world's hottest addition to group exercise. Faster than you can say the word, Spinning has spread across the world as one of the most popular fitness techniques. Climb onto your specially designed spinning bike, and pedal away for a one-hour biking adventure that takes you on a smooth trip by the ocean, for a climb up a mountain or on an exhilarating rush downhill. Cheered on by a spinning instructor with music to keep your pulse up, your gaze and your mind is set on the horizon.

If you want to focus on calorie burning, Cardio-vascular training and lower-body strength, then Spinning is the ultimate choice. Anyone can do it. Male or female, any age and no matter what fitness level you are at. You decide for yourself how tough you want the going to be by adjusting the resistance on your bike, the instructor sets the pace and together you experience a fun, motivational, and of course sweaty, workout.


If you have a current health problem or are pregnant, it is vital to first consult your medical doctor, and then ask a World Class instructor or personal trainer for advice and guidance before you try an aerobic or spinning class.

Contact your local World Class center to receive full information about its aerobic and spinning programs. Use our Find your club

Want to read more about spinning? Check out the world's official spinning site