What are the great benefits from exercising, and why should you work out in a gym?

Regular exercise and activity, together with a healthy diet, strengthens the body helping it to perform its daily functions more efficiently. Regular exercise boosts your immune system, helps prevent Cardio vascular problems, slows down the aging process and increases flexibility as well as preventing and correcting problems with posture. By increasing the metabolism (the rate at which the body uses energy), regular exercise helps reduce levels of excess fat and maintains weight at a healthy level.

A stronger and healthier body creates the buzz that goes with feeling good, the zest that carries you through day, the condition to be able to cope with the stresses and challenges of life.

When you step into a World Class gym for the first time, one of our highly skilled and professionally certified trainers will assess your needs and put together your personal training program. With safety and time-efficiency at the forefront, your program is your route-card to achieving your goals. Our instructors and trainers are always on hand to support you, and if your goals change, then we change with you.

Visit a World Class gym and a world of options will open its doors for you. Our gyms are equipped with the very best top-of-the-range equipment from leading brands including Life Fitness, Technogym, Hammer Strength, Casall and others. Sweat it out in the Cardio section with computerized treadmills, bicycles, stair-masters, cross-trainers, rowing machines and lots more. Strengthen and tone your muscles using a wide range of computerized and mechanical strength equipment as well as with free-weights.

World Class focuses on providing members with the widest range of choice, and on being up to date with the latest trends and developments.