The World Class international chain consists of three different core brands: World Class Fitness, World Class Health Academy and World Class Express.

World Class Fitness

World Class Fitness currently constitutes the majority of the centers in the World Class chain. The Fitness centers offer our members the best of our core products such as aerobic and spinning classes, gym with free weights plus Cardio and strength machines, instructors and personal trainers to help you manage your training program, saunas, sport's massage, sun beds, pro-shop and plenty more. All in a modern setting, with the latest high quality equipment, professional and service-minded staff, all combined to create an energetic club atmosphere.

World Class Health Academy

World Class Health Academies are our luxurious top-of-the-range centers, and the latest addition to our family of brands. Characterized by outstanding design and luxurious surroundings, they represent the application of our total-solution concept. In addition to the wide range of amenities that you can expect in our Fitness centers, our Health Academies provide additional executive luxuries such as pool & jacuzzi areas, spa and beauty treatments, squash courts, Kids Club, health food bar etc.

World Class Express

The World Class Express centers are smaller self-monitoring unmanned facilities, usually situated in a hotel or business environment serving the hotel guests / employees. The Express center is a ready-to-use gym, designed and equipped by World Class. The Express center concept enables hotels and businesses to access World Class expertise to provide a value-adding service as part of a wider range of services.